2013 Ski and Snowboarding Goggles

2012 has been a trailblazing year for ski goggles, but 2013 brings new expectations. The future of ski goggles is bright. We’ll have more goggle reviews coming soon, but here’s a look at some of this season’s best selling goggles:

Electric Snowboarding Goggles

electric snowboarding gogglesWhatever your sport is on the slopes, making use of the Electric ski goggles and Electric snowboard goggles will improve your enjoyment and possibly performance. Wherever there is a chance of snow and ice being thrown into your face the Electric goggles should be there.




Smith Goggles

smith ski snow gogglesFor over 45 years Smith have started each day on a mission to authentically design and innovate goggles for those who share their passion for life outside walls. Every step of the way Smith strive to push the boundaries of what is possible, integrating performance and style for those seeking both. 2013 was a successful year fir Smith Optics, their latest designs are widely appreciated by the experts.



Spy Optic Goggles

spy optic gogglesYou can finally say “goodbye fog” with SPY snow goggles. SPY’s Scoop venting system eliminates lens fogging by promoting airflow behind the lens. SPY Lenses offer maximum distortion free field of view at all angles. Add in Isotron Face Foam and you have the most comfortable, technical snow goggles in the game.




In conclusion, say goodbye to clunky-feeling frames and easily-clouded lenses. While it’s not news that snow-gear technology is getting sharper than ever, this season offers a few pairs of ski and snowboard goggles that have (almost) blown us off the chair lift. Whatever your option, be sure 2013 will bring you more technology inside your goggles than ever before, so buy with confidence!

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