2013 Ski and Snowboarding Goggles

2012 has been a trailblazing year for ski goggles, but 2013 brings new expectations. The future of ski goggles is bright. We’ll have more goggle reviews coming soon, but here’s a look at some of this season’s best selling goggles:

Electric Snowboarding Goggles

electric snowboarding gogglesWhatever your sport is on the slopes, making use of the Electric ski goggles and Electric snowboard goggles will improve your enjoyment and possibly performance. Wherever there is a chance of snow and ice being thrown into your face the Electric goggles should be there.




Smith Goggles

smith ski snow gogglesFor over 45 years Smith have started each day on a mission to authentically design and innovate goggles for those who share their passion for life outside walls. Every step of the way Smith strive to push the boundaries of what is possible, integrating performance and style for those seeking both. 2013 was a successful year fir Smith Optics, their latest designs are widely appreciated by the experts.



Spy Optic Goggles

spy optic gogglesYou can finally say “goodbye fog” with SPY snow goggles. SPY’s Scoop venting system eliminates lens fogging by promoting airflow behind the lens. SPY Lenses offer maximum distortion free field of view at all angles. Add in Isotron Face Foam and you have the most comfortable, technical snow goggles in the game.




In conclusion, say goodbye to clunky-feeling frames and easily-clouded lenses. While it’s not news that snow-gear technology is getting sharper than ever, this season offers a few pairs of ski and snowboard goggles that have (almost) blown us off the chair lift. Whatever your option, be sure 2013 will bring you more technology inside your goggles than ever before, so buy with confidence!

Buying Alpinestars this summer

Alpinestars, Jorge Lorenzo and Rockstar energy drinks are all giants in their fields, Alpinestars have been producing the best motorsport gear for nearly 40 years and are official sponsors of MotoGP, Nascar, Motocross and Formula 1, these guys totally boss the motorsport world, combining awesome looking clothing with the best technology and incredibly comfortable racing gear. The brands original purpose was to provide protective gear for motocross racing, but the company has since branched out into pretty much every mainstream motorsport and many extreme sports. From Formula 1 to freestyle motocross, world superbike to Karting; Alpinestars are present!  Even The Stig on the hugely popular Top Gear can be seen sporting a full set of Astars protective kit.
Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo made his professional Motorbiking debut at the tender age of 15 in the 125 cc category at the 2002 Spanish Grand Prix, ever since then he has progressed rapidly, as he progressed to the 250 cc section in 2005 and continued to be MotoGP’s hottest new property, continually impressing and eventually winning the 250 cc championship in 2007, which secured his first MotoGP contract, landing a drive as the legendary Valentino Rossi’s team mate, from that moment onwards he has done nothing but tear the circuit up and claimed his MotoGP world championship in 2010.
With roots in motorcycling, Alpinestars clothing and accessories have had their appeal spread to a much wider audience over recent years branching out into all action sports. Strong graphics and technical fabrics have been mixed to produce a great range of performance products, casual clothing and fashion accessories. This season’s range of Alpinestars clothing is a diverse mix of designs and prints with some great prices too.
Alpinestars clothing  alpinestars tshirtsSee yourself as a bit of a badass? Well then get onto this ass-kicking Dangerous tee from the Alpinestars, Rockstar and Jorge Lorenzo collaboration. Nothing says “Bad boy Jorge Lorenzo fan” like a big ol skull and Jorge Lorenzo’s name and his famous 99 number printed big style across your chest! With a slick Black background and Red print across your chest your definitely gonna be ripping the track up this summer, not to mention the big cool looking graphics on this tee!




Beachwear for Summer 2012

Heading to beach is certainly on the basis of what a person is wearing than your swimsuit.  Going for a weekend outing to a stunning beach location in the summers and the only thing that comes to your mind is a pair of attractive beachwear or a bikini and accessories need to be functional and stylish. Regardless of what you wish to purchases, there are plenty of options. To adorn a sporty and trendy look by revealing your curves is much in fashion as everyone wants to grab the attention by looking special. They make you look really attractive and appealing and with some of the latest designs and colours that is available online over the counters.

Boardshorts or Swimshorts

Men’s Board Shorts are the top swimming suit choice for men. They provide maximum comfort while still appearing fashionable.
Board shorts are designed to be worn as is, with nothing under the garment. Some sportswear designers have begun to line the inside of their board shorts with a mesh liner, to provide support similar to a traditional swim short and address complaints from swimmers or fashion-conscious beach goers who do not surf.

Sunglasses and Sunscreen

Beach accessories include sunscreen and sunglasses. Your upper body can be protected using sarong as a shawl. Sunscreen is also very important beach accessory so that you avoid sunburn on your skin.

The sunscreen is coupled with sunglasses. The sun glare gives headache and it is best to prevent using sunglasses. There are plenty of cheap sunglasses, but investing in ultraviolet protection glasses helps in the long run. There are stylish sunglasses for kids as well like Baby Banz Sunglasses and Kidz Banz Sunglasses.

Beach Towels and Beach Blankets

Beach blankets and beach towels are used to dry, however there are oversized towels available in beautiful designs and colours. They are one of the best beach accessories that can be carried in a beach bag and can be used to spread on the beachside to relax.

Beach Sun Hats

Beach hats also are an integral part of beach accessories and the right choice of beach hats are the one that has big shade covering your face as well.

The head must be protected from the heat and rays of the sun. A sun hat is not a fashion item, but required health protection.  Even if it feels chilly and is slightly cloudy outside, when there is sun choose a good, wide brimmed hat that will shade your little one’s face and neck. There are stylish sun hats for kids as well like Baby Banz Sun Hat and Animal Kids Hats.

Flip Flops and Sandals

Beach accessories include from head to feet and choosing flip flops or sandals offers the required comfort. However, avoid wearing high heel shoes or close shoes in the beach.

Beach Toys

Summer is just around the corner, and if you’re in the process of finalizing your beach getaway plans, be sure to add these beach toys. Take toys along on your visit to the beach for a great time in the sand and surf.

Beach is a right place for summer vacations.

Best Sunglasses for the Summer of 2012

Looking for a pair of quality Sunglasses, but don’t want to pay more than you have to…story of my life!
There are a lot of great looking sunnies available on the UK market so the selection is overwhelming, that’s why we’ve taken the liberty of helping you make the choice.
When talking about quality sunglasses at reasonable prices, Bloc must be on the list.
The BLOC Sports Sunglasses range has been a highlight among the BLOC collections over many years. The conception of Bloc sunglasses fuelled a revolution in sports and fashion eyewear. Over the years the Bloc sunglasses brand has expelled the notion that perfection is only achieved with excessive price. Bloc sunglasses provides sun protection for both sports and leisure activities. Manufactured from high-performance materials, Bloc Sunglasses are tough and reliable, but at the same time come at surprisingly affordable prices, so they’re well worth a look.

bloc sunglasses

Next on our list of cheap sunglasses are the Electric Sunglasses.
Talk about a new brand bringing out serious fashion with sport. Electric sunglasses have one of the best reputations in the sunglasses industry for a fairly new brand. The Electric brand focuses on water sports such as Surfing and has incredible designs for their demographic. Electric sunglasses are manufactured in Italy using only the finest materials, frames and lenses.

electric sunglasses

Quiksilver sunglasses combine the label’s expertise in high performance sportswear with the latest design trends. The Quiksilver collection stands out with its extravagant style and has been created for young, active and dynamic people. Quiksilver sunglasses are all made with plastic frames that can cope with the particular stresses and strains that arise during sporting activity. Stunning Italian design has been coupled with superb build quality to ensure that Quiksilver sunglasses are perfect for extreme sports. Look out for touches like inner frame artwork, plus megol temple and nose pads as a sign of the care Quiksilver Clothing have put into the design of their sunglasses.

quiksilver sunglassesSpy Optic Sunglasses represent the perfect blend of advanced technology and stunning looks. Spy Optic makes sunglasses for young people who are into sports, music, fashion, and entertainment. Constantly evolving the relationship between material, function and design, Spy Optic‘s DNA generates an obsession with progress. Spy Optic UK finds itself at the intersection of retro-futuristic design and optical innovation, while at the same time expressing it’s identity through the iconic minds, bodies and vision of the world’s greatest athletes and artists. Surfers, skaters, snowboarders, and wakeboarders help influence the design and direction of Spy Sunglasses, which are hand crafted from innovative and proprietary materials. Spy’s products are engineered to deliver the best in quality, style, and design.

spy optic sunglasses

Umbrellas in 2012

Jonas Hanway may have been the first man to carry a rain umbrella in England, where it became more popular in the last half of the 18th century. In the 1800s, umbrella materials included wood rods and whalebone. Mechanical  mens umbrellas evolved from heavy and cumbersome to lightweight pocket forms.

With its aerodynamic shape that resists turning inside out,  the Senz umbrellas can withstand winds of up to 62 miles per hour. Each umbrella also comes with a two-year warranty. Senz umbrella also comes in different three sizes: the original, the XL and the mini, which folds up compactly, but isn’t as strong as the original Senz.

Whatever the occasion, that special night out with your friends or special day out at the races – make sure you get there dry and announce your arrival in style!

As it is impossible of knowing quite what the British weather will throw at you from one day to another, being caught in an impromptu downpour is very likely in any season. The benefit from ladies umbrellas is they can be found in a wide range of compact and ultra-compact designs so they will fit perfectly inside a handbag.

Converse Gorillaz – have you seen these?

Award-winning designer and Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett has designed exclusive prints incorporating elements from their ground breaking artwork. Each design melds their diverse backgrounds and unique influences to create a revolutionary collection. The partnership with Gorillaz will also include a Converse “Three Artists. One Song” original track titled “DoYaThing” featuring Gorillaz, James Murphy and Andre 3000 of OutKast. The free track will be available for download at converse.com on February 23, 2011.

gorillaz converse

We’re celebrating the new Gorillaz Converse footwear collection by hooking you up with the goods!
Converse has teamed up with the ever-awesome Gorillaz for four distinct design concepts for their newest footwear collaboration. What better way to celebrate than to hook you up with your very own pair of Gorillaz Converse Collection kicks!

To enter to win a pair of these bad boys, simply leave your comment here. Couldn’t be more easy!

For longtime fans of the brand, the Gorillaz Converse Shoe collection gives the classic Chuck Taylor All Star silhouette an edge with four different looks inspired by the band:

Converse All Star Gorillaz ShoesThe military inspired camouflage Converse Gorillaz  print, taken from the cover of their self-titled debut, is the signature design for the collection. The military theme is also featured on a black/brown canvas hi-top shoe featuring an image of their famous Pazuzu character. This Green Camo Gorillaz Converse looks amazing and it goes great with the fresh spring spirit!




Gorillaz Converse Shoes HiThe lining of both designs have an exclusive print featuring a collage of images from their album artwork made specifically for this collaboration. The collection also includes a Chuck Taylor All Star hi-top Gorillaz and oxford shoe with a black and white version of the print on the outsole and the Converse Gorillaz camouflage print in the lining. All shoes from the collection contain a Gorillaz heel tab and hangtag with additional details on the product.



Converse Gorillaz Ox




Fronted by Damon Albarn, Gorillaz Converse are widely recognized for not only creating a new genre of music but redefining the concept of a band. With a unique genre-bending sound that melds rock, hip hop, electronic and pop music, the band implemented fresh ideas from their limitless fictional universe and have sold over 15 million records worldwide to date.

These Converse Gorillaz shoes are IN STOCK NOW and selling fast, so make sure to get your size before they sell out!

Choosing the Right Snowboard

Purchasing a new snowboard is fun and thrilling, but it’s also a big investment. When faced with several hundred bright, shiny new snowboards brands like Quiksilver Snowboard and Globe Snowboard. Choosing the right board can seem almost impossible but this article helps you understand the types of snowboards out there and how to make a wise optimal.

Snowboard Basics

Other snowboard-selection factors in a nutshell:







Choose Boots First

If you’re going to show, show on boots. Boots play a major role in a rider’s comfort. It’s usually best to choose boots and bindings first, then find the perfect deck.


Directional boards are made to go downhill only.




True twins go both ways and are the right choice for pipe and park riding.




Directional twin boards are good for people who ride all over the mountain, from groomers to the park.




Camber or Rocker?

Camber delivers a lively, stable ride and provides pop and responsiveness on hardpack or groomed runs, especially when powering out of turns. Experienced, speed-oriented riders favor cambered boards. Camber is also known as positive camber.




Rocker (aka reverse camber) creates upturned noses and tails. The design excels in powder and when jibbing or riding rails in the park. Rockered boards are softer than cambered boards and often appeal to novice riders. Experienced riders, though, can still coax powerful rides out of them.




Mixed camber (or, modified rocker) has exploded in popularity, and manufacturers have hatched lots of rocker variations to address specific performance attributes.

A few examples are shown here:










Length: Stand a board on its tail. Its nose should reach somewhere between a rider’s nose and chin. Fast, aggressive riders often prefer a longer board. Park riders eager to hit lots of jumps and twists may want a very short board.

Weight: Recommended rider weights are listed in the spec charts of individual boards on their Mens Cruiserboards product category.





This term describes the curve of a board’s edges.

Deeper sidecut (lower numbers, in centimeters): These boards have narrower waists, so they turn quickly and easily. Good for beginners and park riders.

Shallow sidecut (higher numbers): Because they have wider waists, these boards float more easily on soft snow. They do a good job of handling high speeds and powering through crud.

Effective Edge





Snowboards have metal edges that bite into snow to provide control and steering. A snowboards ”effective edge” (measured in centimeters) is the edge section that actually touches the snow or ice throughout your descent.

A longer effective edge provides stability at high speed and good grip in turns or when descending icy slopes.

A shorter effective edge creates a board that is easier to turn and spin.

”Multi-radial” edge designs also exist, another variation that snowboard makers offer to make their boards stand out. Usually it means they offer better control on ice.

Edges need to be routinely sharpened for optimal grip while riding groomers or in the pipe. Deliberately dulled edges are best for jibbing and rail riding.


Snowboards all offer some type of binding interface.

Some popular examples:













4×4: Holes spaced 4cm apart vertically (nose to tail) and horizontally (edge to edge).

2×4: More vertical holes, spaced just 2cm apart, for more stance options.

3D: Found only on Burton boards. Opinions vary on whether this approach offers any benefits over rows of holes.

Channel: Burton-only design uses slots instead of bolt holes. The objective: Make finely tuned, customized stances possible.


Between a snowboard’s topsheet and base are layers of wood, woven fiberglass and sometimes proprietary materials (to boost performance). Slanted sidewalls enclose the finished package. This is known as sandwich construction.

Cap construction excludes sidewalls and simply wraps the topsheet around a board’s edges. This is a less-expensive method, and it may produce less-exacting results.

Three primary construction factors influence a snowboard’s performance characteristics and price:

  • The flex of its fiberglass weave.
  • Core materials.
  • Base.
  • Flex

Flex refers to a board’s give, its receptiveness to twisting. It’s determined by the fiberglass weave used inside the board. Biaxial (2-way) weaves are more flexible; triaxial (3-way) and a few quadaxial (4-way) weaves are stiffer.

A board can flex 2 ways:

Longitudinal flex: along its length (most important to most boarders).

Torsional flex: flex across its width.

How to correctly test flex at a store:

Longitudinal flex: Place a board’s tail on the ground, preferably on carpet. Boards have 2 binding mounts. Place an arm around the higher mount, as if wrapping an arm around a friend’s shoulder.

With the board at about a 45 degree angle, use your other hand to press down on the lower mount.

The idea: Mimic the pressure feet apply to a board. Don’t grab a board by its nose and push on its center. Lots of people do this, but no one rides on the center of a board.

Torsional flex: Place both feet on the tail. Grip the nose with both hands and firmly twist in opposite directions. Realise, though, that maxing a board’s torsional flex requires more force than most people can apply in this manner.

What the tests tell you:

Soft (easier to flex): Forgiving and easy to turn. Usually preferred by beginners, riders with lower body weights and park riders.

Stiff (harder to flex): Provides more grip when turning; holds speed better than a softer board. Can better hold an edge when descending fast. Usually the choice of freeriders.

Wood (beech, poplar, even bamboo) is used in virtually all high-quality boards. It is long-lasting, lively and proven. Wooden cores can be reinforced with different types and weights of fiberglass, carbon fiber, aramid fibers or metals to achieve various performance characteristics. Stiffness, for example. Manufacturers are often secretive about their core technologies.

Base Materials

Two types of polyethylene (PE) are used in snowboard bases:

Extruded bases (if PE was cheese, extruded bases = spray-can cheese) are:

  • Less expensive.
  • Relatively easy to repair.
  • Low maintenance (nonporous surface won’t hold wax).
  • Sometimes vulnerable to warping.

Sintered bases (in the cheese analogy, the equivalent of a block of fine cheddar) are:

  • Faster on snow.
  • Stronger.
  • Lighter.
  • More durable.
  • Used on more expensive boards.
  • Need waxing (tiny pores hold wax for smooth, fast runs).

Trying to find some boots?

Ladies ankle boots can give a fresh look to a skirt or dress. They’re a little bit more masculine and they give your outfit some edge.

Ladies snug boots: Of course you’d never look for snow boots with heels, but when it comes to winter fashion boots, you can get a bit of added height by looking for styles that feature low and mid-height heels. Most years, finding such boots would be a daunting task, but thanks to this year’s chunky and wedge heel trends, there is an abundance of heeled winter boots to choose from.

Boot-wearing women have long been viewed as confident and stylish. Flat boots are among the many varieties of boots that make a flattering fashion statement. Whether paired with a flirty minidress or a pair of worn-in jeans, flat boots can add style to your outfit.

Thigh boots once would have been confined to the silver screen. Now, they’re a red-carpet look, too — you’ll find them on the runways and in fashion magazines. Celebrities are wearing over-the-knee boots while frolicking around town. But the frisky footwear need not be reserved for models and celebrities. When you choose the best thigh boots to fit your body and style, you can look as stunning as a supermodel.

The high-heel boots are back in the Paris repertory, having nudged clunky work boots out of the limelight. Shoes can be as fragile looking as Christian Lacroix’s spindly sandal, below left, or reasonably solid, as in the splayed-heel, two-tone sandals by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, below right. After dominating fashion for some seasons, even   are on their way out.


Where to find the best winter coats 2012

You know you have to be prepared when the temperature drops outside. That’s because not being ready with the right streetwear clothing can not only hamper your ability to have fun during outdoor activities, it also poses a threat to your health. It doesn’t matter either where you are – Iceland, the Northern United States, Great Britain or a number of other spots across the globe. That’s because you realize the importance of guaranteeing that your clothing will safeguard you against the elements, which is what makes finding the right winter jackets significant.

I’m going to stick my neck out and say we’ve seen the last of the Indian summer. Which means that from now until around the end of March, your winter coats will be the most important items in your wardrobe. And not only from a practical point of view: your cheap coats will be your visual hello-how-are-you to the world. If all those statistics about how first impressions define you in the first 0.6 seconds or whatever are even a tiny bit true, then most people you meet in the next four-and-a-half months will have formed an indelible impression of you while your frozen fingers are still working on the top button.

The Peter Pan of coats, for boys and girls who don’t want to grow up. The kids duffel coats are equal parts Paddington Bear adorable cuteness and teenage snark. This makes it perfect if, for instance, you are a member of Arctic Monkeys, but a bad idea if your career plan is to promote yourself as Sleek Young Executive Type in the office. The cosy hood and capacious pockets may be practical for buying cans of lager and waiting for the night bus to your mate’s house, but is this the image you wish to project? Face it: you can’t power-dress in a toggle.

Yes, it’s hard to look sexy when you’re freezing your butt off, but great ladies winter coats can definitely help. And luckily, the hottest trends this year are both super-pretty and go with just about everything. Look for boxy, (faux) fur jackets, bold red coats, cool capes and fur-trimmed parkas. With outerwear that looks this good, no one needs to know you’re wearing thermals underneath.

Best Ski Goggles 2012

A winter vacation is just what you need!

Unwind, have fun on the slopes, take your mind of work!

You find a nice location and you start packing. What’s the gear you need? You want to use the ski or the snowboard?

The internet’s Ski goggles collection is extensive and there are styles for just about everyone. This makes choosing the right pair much harder for the novice. Luckily we are here to help you narrow down the alternatives. Ski goggles protect the face as well as the eyes, which means many are large enough to cover most of the upper portion of the face.
So what goggles should you get? The best streetwear brands in UK are just a handful and we recommend:

Electric Ski Goggles

Over the years, Electric Goggles have become slicker, safer and more comfortable than ever and it’s no surprise that they are so popular. Over the last decade Electric has produced some of the most unique and innovative designs in the snow goggles market. Electric ski goggles are world-renowned for their high level of quality and unmatched performance in the snow.

Quiksilver Ski Goggles

Quiksilver Goggles are a must for all fashion conscious boarders and skiers. Cool shapes and colours, individual customisations and top quality materials define the Quiksilver product range. Excellent padding, adjustable straps and shatter-proof lenses satisfy the highest safety standards. All ski and snowboard goggles from Quiksilver are designed to fit with or without cheap ski helmets.

We’ve come across few new brand names that can certainly impress you: first one is the Smith Ski Goggles! Smith goggles set the standard for goggles way back in 1965. Cheap Smith goggles continue to build on their wintersport heritage with further technical innovations. The Smith goggles range carries on evolving with a commitment to quality.

Second brand we tested is Cebe Ski Goggles! Cebe ski goggles are designed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customer. Cebe ski goggle lenses have been specifically engineered for varying light conditions and activities on the ski slopes.